PARIS PM INTERVIEW || September 12, 2009
by C Sharp

The speakers are banging out the kicks and basslines of the hottest new hip hop tracks.  There's a glowing red aura in the dimly lit, downtown Windsor joint.  The main room is live with action and packed with people.  In the far corner, a minor incident occurs but nothing that can kill the vibe.  The ladies of Jai Style are holding a model search in the club and we're all living it up in the VIP balcony; the Jai Style crew, 280 Live, WoodLawn Post TV and a figure that looks set to take over the world.  Behind the shades, Paris PM sees beyond the ladies that are checking him out as he gets camera time.  He's looking to break 'em off beyond the PM; with his music. had a chance to pull him aside in the midst of the glitz and the scene so you could get a LIVE glimpse of what he has in store.

C Sharp: What's going on!, It's 280 LIVE, 365! Your man C Sharp.  I'm hanging with Paris PM. What up, man?

Paris PM: What's up, man... I'm good!

C#: So, tell people what's good.

PM: Oh man, it's your boy Pride PM live in effect. We got a lot of stuff jumping off.  I got like four tracks and a song on the soundtrack for 'House Arrest', starring Stacey Dash and The Game.  The album's dropping soon. It's gonna be everywhere., you can catch me on a reality show, it's my reality show of the events leading up to the album dropping.  So I got that popping, man.  I'm everywhere, you can catch me everywhere man!  You can catch me in Ethiopia. I'll be everywhere. *laughing*

C#: Alright man, so tell the people, first of all, how long have you been in the music game?

PM: I've been in this game for so long. Since I came out the womb I've been in the game.  But realistically, I'll say probably about 15 years. I've been writing songs. I'm a unique artist. I rap, sing, produce, song-write. I write movie scripts.  Whatever it takes to get there.  I'm a go-getter. I'm a hustler. You know! Gotta go get it... it's heart!

C#: How did you get started? How did you get your foot in the door? What did you do?

PM: When I got in the game... I did a song for this guy back in Detroit and we... he loved the song.  He was like, he wanted it for the first track off his compilation album and we got crazy spins in the D.  Ever since then, it's been all love.  I'm just waiting for this album to come out.  When it's coming out, we gonna take over the whole world, man.  There's a lot of cats in this game just for the fame and money. I'm in it to be the best I can be.  One day I want my name to be spoken with all the greatest. I'm trying to be the greatest. That's my goal.

C#: I understand you took a little break. You were doing your thing and whatever but now you're back. So you're coming back now. What's your style, man? Tell us, what is your style?

PM: My style is different. I'm starting a new genre of music. Alternative Hip-Soul. It's a mixture of Alternative Rock, Hip Hop and Soul music all mixed in one.  And it's like, when I'm rapping on stage, a lot of people compare my flow to Jay, you know what I'm saying. Jay-Z, big up to him.  And the singing I guess, people compare me to John Legend.  I'm trying to be my own individual really.  I don't want to be compared to nobody but myself, an individual artist.  But if I can be compared to anybody, I would say those two.

C#: Where are you trying to take it to now? What level are you trying to get right to?

PM:  I'm trying to take it international.  You gotta realize we got the internet now, and it's like, you can put out your music internationally with one push of a button.  You know you got people from Europe, Haiti, Spain... wherever.  T-Dot, we're hitting T-Dot real soon!  We're gonna do it big, real big.  We're gonna take over T-Dot man. I'm from the D, Detroit!  Big up Motor City, man!  It's like we're ready to take over the world.  One track at a time!

C#:  I got one more question.  What should the people be watching out for in the near future?

PM:  You gotta watch out for everything.  You never know what to expect from me, man.  You might see me on a motion picture, you might see me beside... anybody.  I'm shopping a couple tracks to Mary J. Blige.  Look out for that, hopefully she'll put your boy on!  We got everything popping off.  The album should be in stores December 9th.  That's a tentative date.  I'm taking over, man!

C#:  Alright, that's my man Paris PM, going on 'til the break of dawn!  A new music era dawns tentatively December 9th.  Look out for that!  It's your man C Sharp, 280LIVE.